Uncovering the history, significance and future of Louisiana Duck Hunters 

In the Blind


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About the Documentary

Louisiana Public Broadcasting proposes a one-hour documentary that traces the traditions of waterfowl hunting in Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise and the sport’s relevance in a global conservation effort to preserve and restore the unique bird populations, migratory flyways and fragile habitat of this imperiled region.

Located at the base of the most heavily trafficked migration corridor for waterfowl in North America, Louisiana is a critical wintering ground for millions of ducks during their journey through the Mississippi Flyway. Rapid changes to the landscape endanger this paradise of birds and threaten rich traditions surrounding hunting, including cultural practices, etiquette, cuisine, storytelling and comradery, which are central to the hunting life passed from generation to generation. Waterfowl hunters and their conservation work are fundamental to preserving fragile, disappearing habitat and threatened bird populations. As both the popularity of hunting and the condition of the coastal ecosystem decline, the rich traditions and bird populations are both in jeopardy of being lost.

“In the Blind” will transport its audience across Louisiana from coastal marshes to flooded forests to trace the history of some of the region’s most famous hunting clubs, as well as public land hunting, along with the traditions and cuisine that make up this unique, renowned culture. The program will explore the generations of waterfowl enthusiasts and give a “day in the life” of the sport’s most passionate participants, from the hunters and guides, to the card players, storytellers, cooks, decoy carvers, call-makers, wildlife conservationists, land managers and environmental journalists.

Intended for viewers who hunt and those who don’t, “In the Blind” will uncover duck hunters’ historically significant influence in protecting our natural lands for future generations to experience and what is at stake if we do not continue to recruit new hunters.

meet the Director

Emma Lou Reid is a New Orleans based filmmaker originally from Minneapolis. Her background is in environmental science and she co-produced the National Telly Award winning documentary, Finding Common Ground. Although Emma is an avid naturalist and swamp tour guide, the world of hunters and duck hunting was a foreign concept to her. Like many others unfamiliar with hunting, she never considered the role hunters play in protecting our environment. 

Three years later, after immersing herself into the culture, politics and landscape of duck hunters, it is needless to say a lot has changed. Her time with hunters in duck blinds across the state was eye-opening and inspired a captivating story that will educate and bring together the hunters and the non-hunters.

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